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Senior Database Administrator / Production DBA. Focuses on enterprise server management, replication, disaster recovery, and hardware and SAN optimization.



  Extensive experience working with back end Microsoft SQL server processes including replication, Backup/Recovery, high availability and performance tuning

  Expertise in the administration of multi-terabyte OLTP and archival databases

  Design, implement, and train on new enterprise processes to increase speed and protection of company data

  Monitor and tune production systems to ensure maximum uptime and availability




Senior Database Administrator September 1999 Present

Southwest Securities, Dallas, TX


Production DBA for one of the Souths largest brokerage clearing houses. Responsibilities include project and resource management, capacity planning, developing DBA and change control procedures. Manage backend SQL processes including transactional replication, disaster recovery, and performance tuning.

Major projects:

         Managed and implemented several major SQL server version upgrades

         Planned and implemented all SQL hardware migrations

         Setup and maintain SQL SAN layouts for capacity and performance

         Create, maintain, and train team on server monitoring for performance

         Create, maintain, and train team on disaster recovery schemes and servers

         Develop team standards

         Document and present database processes to IT and business management executives


This site utilizes most Microsoft products, EMC Symmetrix, EMC Clarion, IBM and Dell hardware.


Database Administrator January 1999 September 1999

HealthAxis (Insurdata), Dallas, TX


Development DBA for a top insurance software provider. Lead data designer at client site for a complete insurance benefits and claims management system. Logical design to physical implementation. Regular contact with client acceptors and client management.


Database Manager, Database Administrator August 1997 January 1999

United Companies,Baton Rouge, LA


Database Manager/Administrator for a large subprime lending corporation. Manage 7 Database Administrators and all SQL related servers. Managerial duties include interviewing, hiring, and conducting performance reviews for Database Administrators; Project and Resource Management; Capacity Planning; DBA Standards; Change Control; Change Management; and Cross-departmental service level agreements. Daily DBA duties include: developing stored procedures and triggers; Database design; Backup and Recovery; Tuning and Performance; MS Replication; and Infopump Replication (Bi-directional replication between MS SQL Server 6.5, Oracle 7.3.4, and Sybase 11). Daily contacts involved dealing with Marketing, other Project Managers, and Resource Managers, as well as end users, application developers and support personnel.

         Lead three complete Call Center installations utilizing MS SQL, Sybase, and Oracle. This involved bi-directional replication using InfoPump


Computer Systems Administrator April 1996 August 1997

Borden Chemicals and Plastics, Addis, LA


System administrator for a chemical manufacturer. Administrator to 120 users and 100 PCs. Responsible for running a SCO UNIX and PowerLan environment, purchasing and upgrading PCs, and training users. Also, responsible for developing end user applications using MS SQL Server 6.5, MS-Excel, and Visual Basic. These applications were used to automate several management functions as well as upgrading current programs to take advantage of Client/Server functionality.

         Lead a complete transition from SCO UNIX to Windows NT Server 4.0 and MS BackOffice products

         Installed and supported several stand-alone LANs other sites


Network Specialist January 1995 April 1996

Louisiana Cooperative Extension, Baton Rouge, LA


Network Specialist for a state agency. Responsible for computer repairs on various makes and models of PCs, setting up and maintaining an IBM Token Ring Network for approximately 250 users, user support, and developing small user applications. All Network Administration duties.

         Major project included a multi-version upgrade to current server software and network access to campus backbone and the Internet. The transition was from LAN Server 1.0 to LAN Server 4.0 to Windows NT





Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA

Graduate with a BS in Information Systems and Decision Sciences - MIS and a minor in Accounting


Regular participation in Microsoft, EMC, and various SQL conferences.









Microsoft SQL

Server 2008

Server 2005

Server 2000

Server 6.5

Windows Server







EMC Symmetrix

EMC Clarion

IBM X Servers

Unisys ES7000

Dell Servers

Dell Storage